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These days, consumers have lots of choices. Jewelry is for sale everywhere from online to big department stores and off-price retailers. So how do you choose? If you are looking for inexpensive fashion jewelry or mass market watches, it probably doesn’t make much difference at all. However, for most significant watch and jewelry purchases, where you buy can make all the difference. Large, community-based independent jewelers, like the ones profiled on this site, have been serving their communities for many years and pride themselves on the value and service they provide. They will help you purchase the right product for your needs, whether it is for yourself, for a loved one, or as a gift for a special occasion. They will continue to service, fit, clean and care for it on your behalf, for as long as you own it. And, their prices are usually the same or less than you would pay from alternate sources. Unlike big department stores, your local jeweler does not have to show bigger profits to shareholders by making more on each sale, or cutting back on experienced sales associates. The jewelers we recommend are in business for the long term. Most of them have histories that date from 40 years to over a century, and are active members of the communities they serve. They know that their reputation is the most important asset they have, and they stand behind everything they sell. That’s why they get most new customers through recommendations from others. Shop with retailers you can get to know in person and trust for many years to come. You’ll never be sorry.