Pearls of Wisdom


Mikimoto, founded by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 and known the world over as the leading maker of cultured pearl jewelry, marks its 120th anniversary this year. Among other impressive achievements during the company’s long history, Kokichi was the first to develop a technique for the cultivation of pearls that is still in use to this day. A determined innovator, he succeeded in creating the sugar daddy baby site world’s first perfectly spherical pearl, an object he regarded as nature’s most precious gift to be shared with women everywhere. The timeless elegance found in Mikimoto pearl jewelry has been celebrated and worn by icons of style in every era, from Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and Sarah Jessica Parker.

To commemorate more than a century-long commitment to product design, superior craftsmanship and strict quality control, Mikimoto has proudly revealed plans to release three specially designed 120 pearl strand necklaces that embody the company’s traditions. The first design is comprised of 120 Akoya cultured pearls and represents the original pearl that Kokichi cultured in 1893 off the waters of Toba, Japan — a feat that brought him one step closer to fulfilling his dream of bringing the unsurpassed beauty of the pearl to all women. This unique Akoya strand will feature an 18K white gold clasp accented with beautiful royal blue enamel lacquer, crafted by skilled artisans in Japan.

The second design, made of multi-colored Black South Sea cultured pearls, celebrates the breathtakingly rare type of pearl that Kokichi first cultured in 1914, using a new technique that helped Mikimoto expand cultivation into the waters off Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Tahiti. The rich, dark colors of the pearls range from slate gray, silver and pistachio to peacock green and midnight black, with overtones of green, rosé or blue.

The third strand consists of 120 multi-colored South Sea and Freshwater pearls and marks Mikimoto’s mid 20th-century expansion into the international market that helped shape the company’s enduring legacy. This necklace is comprised of Golden South Sea, White South Sea, and Pink and Peach Freshwater cultured pearls. Both of these exquisite strands will fasten with a paisley motif version of the iconic Mikimoto clasp, exaggerated in size to accentuate the necklace.

“These 120 pearl strands represent each milestone in our brand’s 120 year history” says Meyer Hoffman, COO of Mikimoto. “Each pearl symbolizes a moment in our past where we’ve taken our founder’s vision to the next level. With this anniversary, we honor the rich legacy that Kokichi left us while looking forward to the future.” These rare and breathtaking pieces will be available in early fall 2013.