Irresistibly Ivanka



How and why did you get into the jewelry business?
My mother’s Legacy jewelry collection always inspired me, and my love for the classic aesthetic helped propel my vision. I realized the luxury fine jewelry market was missing a fresh, young design approach. That’s where my vision of “Rock Tradition” plays a vital role—it’s a modern twist on jewelry’s most important classics. I’ve always had a passion for jewelry. I wanted to make women of my time feel comfortable buying fine jewelry.

Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for your designs?
My creative vision is Heirloom Chic, the youthful reinvention of important legacy jewelry. Heirloom Chic puts a modern twist on classic jewelry, capturing a sense of fine workmanship, tradition and offhand elegance. I’m influenced by everything around me, especially my travels.

Tell us a little about your fall 2011 collection.
My 2011 collection is named Noor, meaning “light” in Arabic. It’s an exquisite new line of Art Deco-style jewels inspired by the sensual transparency of vintage lace, the play of light through its delicate pattern, and the intricate ornamentation of Byzantine architecture with its mosaic and arabesque patterns. I drew inspiration for the Noor collection beginning in 2010 while traveling to Morocco, Turkey and Baku, Azerbaijan. Design elements from these rich cultures were incorporated into the interior of the Trump Soho lobby and spa, while some references were transformed into sketches for the new jewelry collection.

What is your personal favorite piece from your collection?
It has to be the medium signature oval diamond earrings: they really make a statement but are classically understated at the same time.

How would you describe your jewelry style at the office?
I stick to chic, timeless items like delicate bangles, banded rings and elegant earrings. I have a pair of rose gold rock crystal bangles from my fine jewelry collection that are perfectly understated for the office. I love statement jewelry, but there’s a time and place for it. If you do choose to bring statement jewelry into the office, it’s important to balance it with a more conservative outfit.

What have you learned (about business/life) from your father?
I love working with my father! I’ve learned a great deal from him over the years. He taught me that hard work never goes out of style and to always be prepared for interviews, meetings, discussions, everything. Work hard. Create a strong and consistent identity—your name and reputation are your best assets. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

What advice would you give to a bride-to-be about her wedding?
Enjoy every moment—it goes by too quickly!

How do you think motherhood will change you?
It’s hard to say until I know my daughter’s needs and personality, but I hope to do as much as possible, while trying to be flexible and accommodating.

Getting Personal

Describe Self: Driven
Favorite Vacation Spot: Trump Waikiki
Favorite Restaurant: Quattro at Trump Soho — fantastic light Italian food
Favorite Cocktail: Champagne
Favorite Movie: Snow Flower & The Secret Fan. It was amazing!
Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged
On your iPod: Katy Perry and Kanye West
Hero or Mentor: My parents
What few people know about you: I am an expert bowler!