Pearls of Wisdom


Mikimoto, founded by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 and known the world over as the leading maker of cultured pearl jewelry, marks its 120th anniversary this year. Among other impressive achievements during the company’s long history, Kokichi was the first to develop a technique for the cultivation of pearls that is still in use to this day. A determined innovator, he succeeded in creating the sugar daddy baby site world’s first perfectly spherical pearl, an object he regarded as nature’s most precious gift to be shared with women everywhere. The timeless elegance found in Mikimoto pearl jewelry has been celebrated and worn by icons of style in every era, from Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and Sarah Jessica Parker.

To commemorate more than a century-long commitment to product design, superior craftsmanship and strict quality control, Mikimoto has proudly revealed plans to release three specially designed 120 pearl strand necklaces that embody the company’s traditions. The first design is comprised of 120 Akoya cultured pearls and represents the original pearl that Kokichi cultured in 1893 off the waters of Toba, Japan — a feat that brought him one step closer to fulfilling his dream of bringing the unsurpassed beauty of the pearl to all women. This unique Akoya strand will feature an 18K white gold clasp accented with beautiful royal blue enamel lacquer, crafted by skilled artisans in Japan.

The second design, made of multi-colored Black South Sea cultured pearls, celebrates the breathtakingly rare type of pearl that Kokichi first cultured in 1914, using a new technique that helped Mikimoto expand cultivation into the waters off Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Tahiti. The rich, dark colors of the pearls range from slate gray, silver and pistachio to peacock green and midnight black, with overtones of green, rosé or blue.

The third strand consists of 120 multi-colored South Sea and Freshwater pearls and marks Mikimoto’s mid 20th-century expansion into the international market that helped shape the company’s enduring legacy. This necklace is comprised of Golden South Sea, White South Sea, and Pink and Peach Freshwater cultured pearls. Both of these exquisite strands will fasten with a paisley motif version of the iconic Mikimoto clasp, exaggerated in size to accentuate the necklace.

“These 120 pearl strands represent each milestone in our brand’s 120 year history” says Meyer Hoffman, COO of Mikimoto. “Each pearl symbolizes a moment in our past where we’ve taken our founder’s vision to the next level. With this anniversary, we honor the rich legacy that Kokichi left us while looking forward to the future.” These rare and breathtaking pieces will be available in early fall 2013.

Tapper's Introduces New Collection by Monica Rich Kosann

Cooler temperatures and brilliant fall foliage paint a beautiful backdrop for Michigan residents who are eager to step out in new and stylish fall fashions. Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in West Bloomfield has introduced a new collection by Monica Rich Kosann, which provides style and on-trend function.

The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for this generation. Kosann’s pieces capture the essence of fashion while maintaining the timeless elegance of design. Her collection strives to help a woman tell her story through her jewelry, while celebrating the memories she creates each day in her life. Also featuring earrings, bangles and beautiful chains, Kosann’s collection is available in 18K gold and sterling silver.

As a fine-art portrait photographer and jewelry and home accessory designer, Monica Rich Kosann has worked for many years with people to integrate their memories and most cherished possessions into their daily lives.

Kosann works with photography clients to integrate her candid images of children and family into the decor of their homes. She encourages clients to frame her photographs as they would any other piece of art. After she began scouring antique shows and flea markets for vintage lockets, cigarette cases and powder compacts that could be adapted to hold family photographs, a new passion was discovered. Kosann since developed her own unique collection of jewelry available exclusively in southeastern Michigan at Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.

Tapper’s offers an exquisite selection of engagement rings, spectacular designer jewelry and luxury timepieces. Tapper’s provides a luxury shopping experience with unparalleled customer service at each of its three metro-area locations in Novi, Troy and West Bloomfield. A multi-generation family-owned business, Tapper’s has been helping its customers Mark the Moment for more than 37 years.

Perfect Gems for Spring 2013




Marrakech has a fascinating history, exotic markets, exciting nightlife and a delightfully opulent hotel. La Mamounia, a former palace celebrated for its mixture of traditional Moroccan and modern French styles, offers intriguing experiences from great art to ice cream. Take a walk through the reception room, lobby and tearoom, where Moroccan paintings and statues inspire. Stop at the Italian Bar to view the latest photography exhibition while sipping a Le Grand Dame Champagne cocktail made with citrus essence. Next, wander outside into the serene 17-acre garden filled with olive and citrus trees, magnificent roses and an extensive kitchen garden (you might chat with the chef as he gathers vegetables for dinner). At the center of the garden is Le Menzeh, an ice cream pavilion that offers pastries and freshly made ice creams. Finally, to recover from your exertions, complete your tour with a Royal Hammam treatment at the lavish spa.


It’s no secret that Broadway singers and actors hate when the curtain comes down and they have to leave the stage. So on Tuesday nights, after the shows are out, performers and the fans who love them gather for Backstage at 54 Below (located in the basement of legendary Studio 54) to keep the music and jokes going over drinks and supper. Led by musical director Brad Simmons and host Susie Mosher, gypsies, Broadway and cabaret stars (and occasionally an audience member) sing or do their routines in this intimate and fashionable 144-seat space created by Tony-winning set designers. The wine list and food are good, the service excellent, the crowd always fun. And you never know who might turn up to perform. End your evening on a high note.


Built in 1228 by the Anglo-Norman de Burgos family, Ashford Castle is set on 350 acres with a spectacular backdrop of Irish woodlands, lake and mountains. Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness purchased the estate in 1855 as the family’s country residence. Since becoming a hotel in 1939, the castle has welcomed dignitaries and celebrities including Prince Edward, King George V, Ted Kennedy, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt and Barbra Streisand. The castle offers contemporary comforts and conveniences, but naturally, oldworld traditions still thrive. There’s Ireland’s first school of falconry, a decanter of sherry in each room, and tea served in the drawing room. And in keeping with conventional castle ambiance, there’s also a ghost, reportedly from the 19th century when the Guinnesses were in residence. Not to worry: guests who’ve seen the young female apparition say she’s friendly.


This spring, let your feet shine with bright bejeweled footwear by Ivy Kirzhner, featuring cloisonné metal work and exotic leathers. The 2013 collection includes the Ark, a dress wedge with crystals and snake leather inlays on an 18K gold-plated heel. The Taj Mahal gladiator sandal features gold silk metallic leather with crystals. Nefertiti is an ornamental high wedge with 18K gold-plated hardware and hand enameled cloisonné treatment. Pictured above are the Montezuma Deco-bejeweled slippers in royal blue and hot coral kid suede and gold silk metallic, and the Tresor, a Deco ballet flat in gold silk metallic and opal, both with crystals on an 18K gold-plated hardware ornament. Step into a brilliant summer.


Steinway Lyngdorf is a collaboration between Steinway & Sons, makers of the world’s finest pianos, and audio innovator Peter Lyngdorf. Their speaker systems range from the invisible to the compact to the giant. Currently, the state-of-theart choice is the Model LS Concert. Combined with the SP-1 Stereo Processor or P-1 Surround Sound Processor and Steinway Lyngdorf’s fully digital amplifiers, it’s perfect for luxurious home theaters. The open-baffle design makes the speaker interact with the room much as a musical instrument would, resulting in extremely open and life-like musicality. There’s also a remarkable remote that weighs nearly 2.2 pounds, with a rotating wheel crafted from solid, gold-plated brass and mounted on precision-machined Swiss bearings, providing intuitive and total command of the system.

Asian Fusion



While shopping for your wardrobe this season, have you noticed that many of the most fashion-forward styles contain elements of Eastern cultures? Influences from Japan are particularly prevalent, like pleated origami-inspired organdy cotton, wingshaped shoulders, and wide pants, among others. It’s a trend that will continue into fall and winter, with floral jacquards from Vera Wang, Eastern spiritual styling from Prada, and brushstrokes of color from Lela Rose.

And what jewelry do these Asian-infused fashions beg for? Pieces with a decidedly Eastern edge, of course. “These clothes are the perfect canvases, so to speak, for jewelry,” says David Wolfe, creative director of the Doneger Group in New York City. “Unlike what we saw before this year, the new fashions aren’t heavily embellished.” Wolfe, one of fashion’s leading international forecasters, adds that with these modern Eastern-inspired clothes, “The lines and the shades provide the color, if you will. And with this new sophisticated simplicity of extreme structures and curvilinear cuts, a strong jewelry statement becomes very important.”

Some of the best fine jewelry brands are making accessorizing à la the Asian aesthetic easy to do this year, by incorporating one or several of the following elements:

GEMS: Certain stones “say” Eastern, especially jade (in all colors), red coral, black onyx, pearls, mother-of-pearl, emerald and ruby.

MATERIALS: Enamel and lacquer, materials used in original Far Eastern jewelry, are significant, and today “new Eastern” collections sometimes rely on colored resins and ceramics to impart that same bold mien.

TECHNIQUES: Filigree and mokume-gane bring Eastern cultures to mind. The openwork of filigree can invoke the idea of Chinese calligraphy, while the ancient Japanese metalworking art of mokume-gane is a process used by specially trained artisans for one-of-a-kind jewelry.

THEMES: Art Nouveau-like motifs are characteristic of Eastern jewelry, especially dragonflies and butterflies, plus flowers and plants like cherry blossoms, bamboo, lotus and peonies. Spiritual symbolism abounds: the Om, the Tree of Life and certain mythological creatures, such as dragons. And all 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac are definitely key.

2013 is The Year of the Snake on the Chinese
calendar, so new jewelry focused on those writhing reptiles is everywhere. The ancient Chinese culture viewed snakes as a positive omen, symbolic of eternal love, wisdom, immortality and so on. Today, contemporary luxury brands are fashioning serpentine-style jewelry whichever way you want it: replete with demonic details like a long tongue and menacing eyes, or in more stylized versions merely hinting at a snake via their super-curvy shapes, often inlaid or prong-set with precious gems. Whether you choose a snake-y style this year, or pieces with a feminine Art Nouveau-like beauty, heading toward the exotic East will surely lead you in visit page the right direction!


Having it All



I adore the warmth and sophistication of a small ship (why should I dine with thousands?) yet hate to forego the myriad activities of a large one. Wanting both options, and unsure if I’d be craving a burger bar or a sushi bar, a pomegranate martini or a double chocolate milkshake, I set out to discover a “luxurious and healthful small ship experience” aboard a mega-ship. Just to be safe, I booked two one-week cruises aboard Celebrity’s award-winning Solstice Class ships, each easily housing 2,850 passengers  and touted by Frommer’s as “the most fragrantly beautiful mega-ships ever built.” Venues include a spa (with treatments like bamboo massage, acupuncture, Botox and 14K gold facials), a fitness center with spectacular water views, and state-of-the-art theaters (one equipped for cirque-type aerialists). Lounge options include a martini bar with frosted counters and a molecular bar tended by lab coat-wearing mixologists who create tantalizing, smoking concoctions with liquid nitrogen. Consider the Lawn Club, a half-acre of real grass on which you can play bocce, hone your putting skills, sunbathe, picnic or sip chardonnay under the stars. And—to satisfy the newly emerging cruise demographic of 30 to 50 year olds—a fabulous nightclub.

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Signature Style



World renowned for its elegance, innovation and unique attention to detail, Penny Preville jewelry has been worn by fashionable women from Jackie Onassis to Nicole Kidman to Blake Lively. Here, an exclusive interview with the designer.

How did you first get interested in jewelry design?  
As a little girl, I’d go into New York City every Sunday to visit my grandmother (Adele Preville, a self-described “Hungarian Gypsy”) at her Park Avenue apartment. It was filled with amazing artwork: Chinese screens, Buddhas, rare art pieces. But what intrigued me most was her jewelry box, overflowing with Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels: exquisite pieces from different eras that my grandfather bought her. I would touch them, try them on, dream about them. My other grandmother was an artist (she painted Limoges china) as was my mother. Ultimately, I chose a major in fine arts. I loved art history, re-living different eras.

Describe your jewelry and the process to create it.  
Words that come to mind are intricate, romantic, elegant, timeless. I’m all about the detail: beading, engraving, twisting, layering, texture… My jewelry is made by artisans here in New York City: we start with an original model and most of the work is done by hand: engraving, stone setting, polishing, finishing. Depending on the piece, the process can take a few days to a few months.

What inspires your designs?
Travel. Nature. Architecture. Paintings. Fabrics. Lifestyle. Different civilizations (Egyptian, Byzantine, Ancient Greek, Russian…)

How would you describe your personal style? What are your favorite jewelry pieces?  
There sugar daddy baby online are two sides to me: very driven and practical, but also romantic, very much a girly-girl. My favorite pieces include a garland ring, a wide scroll-y diamond cuff that I wear for black tie events, and a thin diamond bangle that I wear everyday. (It’s part of my body!) I also love a Harry Winston ring with diamonds from the 1930s that my grandmother wore, and a blue star sapphire that my husband’s mother got from her mother…

You work with your husband and two sons: how hard is it to combine business and family?  
It can be challenging! Fortunately, we have separate roles: I do the design/creative and Jay (who started the business with me) manages financial/operations. Our two sons Skyler (32) and Derek (28) are learning all aspects and will hopefully find their niche. I didn’t expect the boys to join us: growing up, they were into sports and showed little interest in the business.

What are the key jewelry looks right now?  
Long chains, statement earrings, bangles and cuffs to mix and match, collectibles, different stones, blackened metals and lots of color (especially blues!). I also believe in the mystical powers of certain stones—for strength or for protection.

What does a woman’s jewelry say about her?
It reflects her style and individuality; it provides insight into who she is as a person: spiritual, sentimental, practical… In fact, I love watching a woman select jewelry: when she finds the perfect piece, it’s magical; it brings out something in her soul.

Fink's Jewelers: Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with John Hardy

Come join us throughout April and May at various Fink’s Jewelers locations as we celebrate the Year of the Dragon with John Hardy! Be the first to shop the new spring 2012 collection, as well as the one-of-a-kind Cinta collection. You’ll also learn about the legend of the Balinese dragon and get the chance to meet with a John Hardy stylist. Don’t miss it!

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London: Two by London Engagement Shop Opens on Long Island

TWO by LONDON is the Engagement Shop at London Jewelers in the Americana Manhasset. It’s the first store in the country to provide a new and unique way to shop for engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding day jewelry allowing you to customize one of the most important moments in your life. For modern day romantics, TWO by LONDON is a trusted guide in the quest to make a traditional symbol — the diamond engagement ring — as meaningful as it can be. TWO by LONDON offers a fresh, welcoming environment that puts customers in the mood to enjoy the journey and explore Viagra professional the possibilities.

Visit TWO by LONDON at the Americana Manhasset Shopping Center, or check them out on the web at

Color Pops



In the 12 years since launching his collection, one thing has remained unchanged for jewelry designer Marco Bicego: his love of gold. “Almost all of our collections are crafted from 18 karat yellow gold. It’s intrinsic to our brand DNA,” says the Italian native with goldsmithing in his family’s history. His loyalty to the metal makes for a smooth transition between collections and pieces that can always be mixed, matched and layered.

“I don’t really see jewelry as a trend,” Bicego tells us. “Each season our customers gravitate towards certain [different] silhouettes, but there are always constants in jewelry. It’s about a woman’s connection to a piece—an emotional feeling.”

This spring, the designer is excited to introduce his Africa collection, filled with long layering necklaces and colorful gems, which Bicego cites as absolute must-haves for any woman looking young men taking viagra to update her jewelry wardrobe. He has long been drawn to the beauty of Africa and was inspired by unexpected natural elements, from baobab seeds to the stratified lava of Kilimanjaro. “I was taken by the fascinating imperfections of yellow-gold jewels, similar to the imperfections found in the tribal jewels worn by African women. The hand-engraved gold finishes generate warmth that evokes the colors of the sub-Saharan land.” Bicego is an avid traveler and often names his collections—Africa, Jaipur, Paradise, etc.—after the destinations that inspire them.

When he’s not busy dreaming up new designs, Bicego relishes the chance to spend time with his wife and children, play in his local soccer league and hunt for mushrooms. He can frequently be found outdoors, exploring his surroundings and searching for new ideas in “the beauty I find in everyday life, colors in nature and architectural design.” And of course, he adds, “I always try to imagine what my clients want to wear next!”

What are you reading?  I just bought a new apartment in Venice, so I’ve been looking to the shelter magazines for design inspiration.
What are you wearing?  I try to wear pieces that are relaxed and casual and fit into my everyday life—mostly Armani.
What are you eating?  Anything with fresh local ingredients and always vino!
Where are you traveling?  Basel, Switzerland to the jewelry fair to debut my newest collections.

Hamilton Jewelers Animalier Exhibition

November 30th
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Hamilton Jewelers at The Gardens Mall – 3101 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Enjoy an exhibition of unique pieces from the Animalier collection while savoring fine Italian food and sipping Voveti Prosecco.

10% of all sales will bene­fit the Jupiter Medical Center Foundation.

For more information call 561-775-3600.

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